Saturday, January 22, 2005

Meridian at Whiteley

Went along to the opening of the new studios. Very flash, modern, clean state of the art stuff and all packed into a very small space so hot-desking is the name of the game .
Boss of ITV made a speech commenting that Regionally made programmes would be on the increase. Tackled someone from Meridian at lunch about this because I have been receiving cards from staff who are worried about the proposals to decrease regional programmes. How could both statements be correct? It seems that there will be more programmes made in the regional centres but these will be for broadcasting across the network. At peril are the locally made programmes (not news - that is continuing apace) which feature local issues. Some of these receive a quite significant audience share but most are broadcast at times when audience figures are low anyway so the people who make them feel that they haven't had the opportunity to try and win over a mass audience.

Am quite keen to know what others think of the sort of regional programmes that are under threat.