Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Fox hunting

We are here later than usual this evening because of the vote on fox hunting. I have received a small flurry of letters on this lately (pro hunt) but over half of them have been from outside the constituency. Even taking the latest letters into account my postbag has been overwhelmingly anti hunt. A small number of hunt supporters contacted me 3-4 years ago and this was useful because I was still making up my mind on the issue and it did give me an opportunity to consider their points and ask general questions.

So, if tonight I vote as I always have, I can say that I will be voting according to the balance of opinion in my post bag - by some considerable majority

In the past week I have also received an invitation to visit kennels (not in the constituency) but the big question is why similar offers were not made when we were discussing this issue four years ago.