Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The annual round of MP self interest?

Timing of these votes - on MPs allowances was inspired. Has anyone actually noticed that there is a much bigger news story in town? Namely the American elections?
Am I being a cynic for thinking that the media might not pay us quite so much attention if their sights were elsewhere? Probably.

I voted against the big hike in office allowances as I was quite attracted by the proposal that MPs should only be funded for one member of staff in Westminster. There are those of my colleagues who like having their little entourages. I don't know whether it is because they act as a sort of security blanket but some of the MPs who always have a string of interns in tow do not really _need_ them???
The truth is that some London MPs could easily base staff in Westminster and take advantage of free phones, stationary, overheads etc - freeing up their office costs allowance to fund other items that could give an electoral advantage.

There is a case for some opposition spokespeople to have an extra London based researcher but this could easily be agreed on a party quota basis.

As usual I suspect that we will all be unfairly accused of feathering our own nests - if anyone notices with all the other stuff that is going on.