Saturday, October 30, 2004

On the Stump

There is a local council by-election in the constituency so the door knocking has become more concentrated.
Today was glorious weather and a good feeling on the door step. Last night was not nearly so much fun and I now know why elections are held in May. I looked and felt like a drowned rat and the canvass info was smudging everywhere . Not fun but as it was pouring down I was reminded of Jody Dunn's blog (when she canvassed on a dreary evening) and can report that I did not come across anyone drunk, half dressed or accompanied by an angry dog - nor did I expect to. .

I am one of those strange beasts who loves canvassing and talking to people. The perceived wisdom that it is only an exercise in voter identification but I guess I enjoy talking to people too much. I think if people have something they want to say to you then it is rude to cut them short but I am aware that some hardened political animals take great pleasure in detaining canvassers on the doorstep so sometimes a judgement call has to be taken.

Then, sometimes you come across someone who needs to talk because they have a problem or sometimes they are just plain lonely.