Friday, October 29, 2004

Men in Green (and women too)

I have developed a strong interest in the Ambulance Service - probably because one of the first issues I really got stuck into as an MP was ambulance response times. This was sparked by the death of a constituent in a remote area. The ambulance had taken well over the target time to reach the home and nobody knows whether the outcome would have been different had the ambulance arrived on time.
This happened in the village of Lockerley (a mobile phone free zone) and the villagers have been proactive in addressing some of the problems highlighted by the incident. They have introduced a first responder team and also improved street signing and tried to raise awareness that if your house has a name, rather than a numbe, then it is helpful if your house name is visible from the road.
I digress though - but the upshot is that I am now frequently contacted by ambulance personnel who want to "tell me what is going on".
This afternoon's meeting was interesting as it focussed on national issues rather than local ones. Number one on the agenda was, of course, money but the concerns appeared to be realistic ones.