Friday, October 15, 2004

A mile in someone elses shoes

Well, not quite a mile but as part of World Arthritis day I met Margaret Davy and her husband to go shopping in Waitrose.

I frequently shop there (it is sometimes like an ad hoc surgery) but the aim of today was to try and gain an appreciation of some of the problems faced with everyday tasks (such as shoping) by an arthritis sufferer.

Margaret is the sufferer and it was immediately apparent that her husband was necessary for the exercise as it is impossible to manage a walking frame and a trolley. It was interesting for me to see what posed problems and what didn't.

On occasion Margaret has to use a wheelchair and I asked her how useful the specially adapted trolleys are and she pointed out that you still needed someone with you because when you were sitting in a wheelchair you couldn't reach half the goods.

I shall be seeing them again this afternoon at the hydrotherapy session at the Nuffield. I realised that my cossie is in London but I was assured that they hadn't expected me to join in.