Thursday, October 28, 2004

Performing poodles?

Earlier today I trekked over to Millbank (home of the Westminster media) to pre-record an interview for Meridian's Sunday programme. Partners in crime were - in the blue corner Nigel Waterson and in the Red corner - John Denham.
Subject? Proposed changes to trial by jury where Judges have more freedom to disclose prior convictions.
Interesting thing was that when the three politicians were chatting prior to broadcast there was hardly a cigarette paper to place between us. The interview went slightly differently as we all picked up on slightly different points and the viewer would have thought that we had real differences of opinion. We all knew that it would make really boring TV if we all said
"this is a bit if an old story"
"The judge has these powers already"
"could be opening the floodgates"

Perhaps - as honesty is the big thing at the moment we should have all agreed to agree and produced an extremely boring piece of television