Friday, October 15, 2004

A Happy Event

I hate to say it but the news that Charles and Sarah are expecting a baby in April did not come as a complete surprise to me. My suspicions were aroused at the candidates weekend in early September and when I saw Sarah at conference my suspicions were pretty much confirmed but she insisted that she was completely well. She was not fibbing because I have always regarded pregnancy as a modified state of health rather than an illness.

In case you are wondering why I profess to be an expert in these things I will just say that I am probably the only qualified NCT teacher in the House of Commons so even though it is some time since my involvement one retains a nose for these delightful events.

I have had little opportunity to put my skills into use in the House of Commons although when I look at some of my contemparies I realise that the occasional relaxation session would not go amiss.