Saturday, October 23, 2004

Local Democracy Week

The three Southampton MPs (my patch includes a part of Southampton) and three Southampton councillors were invited to Woolston school for a question and answer session with young people.

The young people concerned were all year 10 (age 14 to 15) and included representatives from a number of schools in the city. Questions ranged from what the plans were for Western Shore (I passed on that one as it is not in my patch) to "You all say that you make a difference but how can you prove it?"

Pitching these things at the right level is the challenge - an adult patronises at their peril but has to make the answer relevant. Can't have been too bad as a number of young lads gave me the thumbs up sign as I mixed in with them at the end of the event.

Either I connected with them on some level or I was showing too much leg. Hopefully it was the former.