Thursday, November 04, 2004

Blogging - lessons learnt

Do not post when tired (have just about avoided this so far)
Do not post something short and sharp as it might inflame a reaction
Do not attempt humour
Do not dare to discuss anything politically provocative
Do not say nice things about your friends (e.g. Jackie Ballard)

The above is all the more important (by a factor of about 100) if you are a politician

For politicians add the following

Do not say anything that your political opponents can take down and use in so called "evidence" against you
...or provoke a reaction that could do the same
Always remember that your political opponents believe that they are the only thinking individuals on the planet.
Get everything triple checked by agent/lawyers and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all so that anything interesting, provocative or worthy of comment is edited out.

And they wonder why politicians are reluctant to blog?