Thursday, August 04, 2005


Perhaps I am becoming slightly obsessed but I had the following experience when I travelled to London by train earlier this week.
Got off train as usual and strolled on to the concourse. Noticed that it looked a little quiet but popped straight into one of the shops to make a purchase. As I came out I noticed that there were rather more police than members of the public but I was still not unduly alarmed as I reckoned that this was one of those well-meaning exercises to "reassure" the public(I am one of those who is not reassured by the sight of police in droves - I want to know what is going on that they know about and I don't!).

Started to make my way to the taxi rank to be stopped in my tracks by an announcement stating that the concourse had now been given the all clear as the suspect package had now been identified.

Thanks very much for letting me off the train and onto a potentially dangerous concourse!!

It is just possible that the there was an all clear by the time the train reached the platform but it was spot on time so I can't help wondering whether there was a lack of communication here...