Monday, August 22, 2005

MPs no more

There are some people I miss - but I wrote to all of my ex colleagues shortly after the election. Nicest - and most balanced - response was from David Rendel who had lost in Newbury. He was always a most considerate and gentle soul and he always turned up to help at local (and not so local) council by elections. When I wrote to him I expressed the hope that this help had been reciprocated during the election. In typical David fashion he didn't respond to this but commented positively on having his life back and his plans for the future.

Not everyone takes it so well. It was a disappointment to me therefore to come across Jane Griffiths blog. Make your own mind up but I was taken aback by the underlying bitterness of the whole thing. She was treated abominably but does that excuse her present outbursts? Come on Jane - move on and get a life. It's just not worth the bitterness.