Friday, August 26, 2005

Bra Wars

For once retail has hit the headlines and everyone appears to be exercised by the ban on cheap clothing from China. Couldn't help feeling that there was an element of locking the stable door after the horse had bolted (do we still have a thriving mass market textile industry in UK? - I think not!) and went upstairs to check labels on recent clothing purchases.
Initial intention was to check anything from good old Marks and Sparks but suddenly realised I hadn't bought anything from them in years - they have really lost their way.

This is a summary of whatI discovered - all are purchases since beg of year (most in last 6 months) but this is not an exhaustive list

Monsoon - 2 items from China 1 from Turkey
Trouser suit - Episode - China
Gap jumper - Hong Kong
Ethnic top from East - India
Exercise trousers -nike - China
Trousers - UAR

and much to my shock and surprise - that was it really. I had bought a lot more clothing but none of it was labelled with origin (will have to check law on this) - So here are some of the guilty companies whose clothing may have had the country of origin (butif it did it was hidden so well that I could not find it)
CXD (specialise in cashmere/mix tops)
Country Casuals
Alex and Co
Gerry weber
Oh and various items of underwear that I won't mention by brand -

So Iam none the wiser whether I am going to be affected by this but I doknow that one of my aunts used to sew underpants for Marks ans Spencer. They laid her off years ago so I am not quite sure why it has taken quite so long to start worrying about this.