Friday, June 24, 2005

Women's Questions (yet again)

It was inevitable when the question on pay differential appeared on the order paper that people would want to comment on the fact that Meg Munn appeared to have been forgotten in the reshuffle (or at least the post for Women and Equality had been forgotten) and ended up agreeing to take on the post for no pay.

I had a little line ready prepared but a number of colleagues gently referred to before Eleanor Laing for the Tories went at her with all guns blazing - the only problem was that there was no other aspect to her question.

I judged it inappropriate to carry on chucking metaphorical eggs at an already overegged pudding and concentrated on a polite welcome before asking my question.

Meg responded by referring to the fact that Eleanor, Meg and I had frequently made up a threesome which caused much chuckling from the Tory men to my right. Sometimes I do wish that they would grow up just a little.