Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just an average day?

Managed half an hour in the Westminster office before I had to head off for a lunch with the International AIDS vaccine Institute.

Then had to catch up with the Chief Whip (How's it going, what are your plans? etc) followed by a meeting with someone from the British Association of Shooting and Conservation. We covered the use of snares, Lib Dem shooting policy and Driven Game Shooting. Very interesting complement to the leaflets from the League against Cruel Sports and it is always useful to try and listen to all sides of the argument.

meeting with the new health team was rapidly followed by pop ins to receptions with RCN, CMU universities and the England women's football team (not all at the same time).

The football meeting was particularly interesting as the MPs seemed to be mostly from the supportive female sector, constituency MPs or the young, single and male! Female footballers were not impressed by the head of EUFA claiming that women should concentrate on looks rather than football skills.

Would have liked to have followed the debate on the Relligious Hatred Bill a little more closely but the backlog of e-mails beckons and it will be quicker to speed read it in the morning.