Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Up and coming Tory woman?

Was intrigued by a conversation I couldn't help overhearing last night during the vote. Justine Greening was talking to one of the new Tory men (doesn't matter who but he was clearly young and ambitious).
"So how come you're on Question Time on Thursday? " sez Tory Boy in sulky tone

My ears pricked up and I was half hoping she might say something like, "Well, I have obviously impressed them in some way" ---or "I am clearly the sort of thing the Tory party needs to promote" or something similarly assertive. Instead she almost apologetically said,

"Well, it's the young people's programme and they picked me"

The young people clearly have shown a good deal of sense and I wish her well - and hope she retains that sense of having her feet firmly on the ground.