Saturday, June 18, 2005

NTL has a lot to answer for

I apologise for those who have been logging in expecting an update but IT problems have frustrated me. In recess week I generally rely on blogging from home (trying to do so in the office crashes the case work system) and the system was unbelievably slow. I do not know what was happening but everything was failing due to a time out. Someone pointed out that NTL are trying to flog a superior service and may have somehow slowed down our current service in order to encourage us to upgrade. I really can't comment on this but eventually even my mild mannered husband became frustrated by the service and ran a test. He discovered that the download speed was a fraction of what it should be. I knew that matters were coming to a head when I heard him saying to someone on the "help"line,

"No you're completeley wrong. " pause.......

"Excuse me, I am an engineer and I actually understand these things!"

The long and short of it is that we decided to change systens (a big decision - not far removed from changing your bank) and we went on holiday for a week.

All is still not resolved but suddenly NTL is performing well and I am able to blog. Apologies for the gap in service but I can assure people that this blog has not reached the "end of its natural life"