Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Patsy swearing in

We were paged to be told that Patsy Calton was swearing in at 3:30. Went along as also wanted to sit on on the early speeches in the Health and Education debate.

I knew that Pats had been ill and I knew what the problem was and in my heart of hearts I knew that she would probably, physically, be showing the effects of that illness. Theory is one thing but the reality was heartbreaking and a number of us were trying hard to maintain some sense of composure - not least John Barrett and Annette Brooke who are two of Patsy's closest friends in this place.

Patsy was pleased to have made the effort and insisted on tea in the Pujin Room afterwards. I am sure that everyone in the place is wishing Patsy all the best but having known her for four years the one thing I do know is that Patsy is a fighter. The other thing that is clear is that we are all willing her on and hope that she soon makes a full recovery.