Friday, April 08, 2005

Campaign kit bag

Have been remiss in getting my survival kit ready - so I thought I might as well type the list on the blog as anywhere. Below are items that have been included, or recommended for inclusion, at some stage - with comments on usefulness

Make-up (which I usually forget to reapply)
Tissues (no - I am not going to cry!)
Spare pens
Spare tights (some also suggest spare underwear but I have never quite seen the need)
umbrella (totally impractical if you're also trying to juggle pen. clipboard and canvass sheets etc)
Toothbrush, paste and mints - for that fresh minty breath!
Suncream (for the optimists)
Sunglasses - ditto
Bottled water (prevents dehydration)
sewing kit, safety pins etc
Comfortable shoes (canvassing in high heels is not to be recommended)
wet wipes

The following items are not to be recommended....

chocolate (unless a non melting variety can be developed)
fizzy drinks