Monday, April 04, 2005

Baddesley OAPs

Had been invited to speak to them following a visit by my opponent. Felt really sorry for the secretary as it is the practice to read out an account of the previous meeting and there had been a discussion about the Conservative candidates visit which had come as a surprise to some members of the club. It had been a tad controversial as the club try and steer clear of politics and religion (although I have visited them in the past in my role of MP). Some of the members had thought it only fair to redress the balance and some had suggested that I should be invited. The minutes recorded that this was "mostly" accepted and I did feel a certain amount of sympathy for the lady who had had to read this out with me sitting by her side.

Duly warned I kept the politics to an absolute minimum and regaled them with a few anecdotes about political life which seemed to go down well. Played bingo afterwards before canvassing in North Baddesley until it started to rain.