Friday, December 10, 2004

Women's Questions

This sometimes feels like my monthly penance. Women's questions occupies ten minutes of parliamentary time every four weeks and the range of questions that MPs are able to ask is very limited so it often feels like we are going over the same subject matter time and time again.

This session I had decided to piggy back on the question about pensions. HAd intended giving a plug for Citizens' pensions - the LIb Dem proposal to provide a pension based on a residency qualification rather than NI contributions. This system was introduced in New Zealand and their level of pensioner poverty is 5% rather than our 20% so the system appears to have worked well. Indeed, many organisations have looked at our proposals and are now backing them or slight variations on them.

Decided to go on the injustices faced by carers. Minister agreed I had a point but was vague about any changes the Government may or may not plan to make.