Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Prime Ministers Question Time

It is that time in the Parliamentary Cycle and things are becoming tedious but at least Michael Howard made me laugh today and it was one of those occasions when everyone was actually laughing with him.

He was very funny in the way he read out the comments that David Blunkett has allegedly made about his colleagues (widely reported in the press this week) - at one point in the proceedings David Blunkett put his arm round Gordon Brown who had just been described as a bully. I have to say that the Cabinet were fair game on this one and seemed to take it in good part.

But back to the tedium. Nearly every question emanating from mouths of Labour Backbenchers (apart from Hugh Bailey's impassioned question on chewing gum!) was formulaic in the extreme and went something like this.

1. Mention that his/her constituents are delighted because
2. Lots of Government money has been devoted to X Y or Z
3. Follow up with asking PM whether investment will continue or have a pot at the Tories for being meanies


cue Tony who can preen and pose and then take a swipe at the Tories saying that things would not be so rosy under them (many variations on this theme)

Sadly, I think this is how things will be until the election.