Thursday, December 02, 2004

Local Tory Paranoia

Had to laugh when I read this on their web site

Here we have their local Chairman shooting from the hip

The Liberal Democrats threw everything they had at this seat, including importing national Chief Executive and campaigning supremo Lord Rennard to Romsey, for what was a local council by-election. They clearly took the view that the MP's neck was on the line. By scraping home by just 19 votes in the centre of Romsey, a ward which has not had two Conservative Cllrs since the early 1980s, the Lib Dems have proved that it really is neck and neck in Romsey.

Chris was highly amused when I read this out to him because, as he pointed out - he hasn't been to Romsey since the by-election. He was also quite concerned in case he has a double - anyone who knows Chris will know that he is easy to spot and I challenge anyone to provide evidence he was in Romsey. They won't be able to because he wasn't here and I'm pretty sure we didn't even speak to him at any time during the campaign.

Unlike the Tories we did the work in house and didn't have the Regional Organiser overseeing the proceedings.

Surely it can't be that they are bad losers...... but I do object to completely false statements appearing on their web site