Saturday, November 06, 2004

Rethink? Not on your nelly

I want to make it clear that there has been absolutely no rethink on this blog. The Southern Daily Echo is now reading this blog and took the post "Blogging - lessons learnt" very literally.

That post was written with a tinge of irony when I was feeling a certain amount of despair at some of the reactions generated. I am all for debate/discussion/argument - or I wouldn't have started the blog- but some of the more abusive postings were deliberately unpleasant. The real lesson to be learnt is that a reader of a blog can not easily discern whether a post is deadly serious or written with a certain amount of irony.
My husband just says that I have a wierd sense of humour but I realise that I need to indicate in future if any post is not to be taken at absolute face value.

The following bit can be taken at face value:

I have absolutely no intention of changing the way I blog. Postings are all Sandra Gidley and the buck stops here. If this is to stay immediate and topical then the whole flavour of what I am trying to achieve will be ruined (the different between fresh milk and sterilised milk) so there are no lawyers, agents or advisors consulted. This is raw Gidley!!

What if I live to regret it? Tough - but my personal view is that the public has had enough of bland politicians who speak via spin doctors and present a sanitised face to the world.

Oh - and I hope the Southern Daily Echo (which does seem to take postings at face value)is big enough to make sure that this is made clear to the public.