Thursday, April 14, 2005

Romsey & District Society Annual Lecture

This lecture often has a politician as speaker and this time last year I was asked to suggest someone who was apolitical but would be an interesting speaker. I made a couple of suggestions of people who could be asked but added that I thought that the Vicar of Romsey (Neil Crawford Jones) would be a good choice, especially as he was nearing retirement. The idea seemed to go down well with the committee and all was arranged.
Was surprised to be asked to do vote of thanks - reminded them it was the elction and they were apolitical but they said the idea had been a sell out so they would like me to do it.

All of the candidates had been invited and the Labour candidate came up to say hello. Turns out he used to teach at the school my kids attended but he tought design and technology and this was not something either of mine excelled at.

Interesting evening - and a wide ranging talk from Neil which went down well.