Thursday, February 17, 2005

Holocaust exhibition

This is currently on at Romsey library so popped along to have a look and chat. It is almost impossible to get your head around the sheer numbers that were involved and the fact that so many people unthinkingly complied with what was going on.
It occured to me that it would be all too easy to go along that road again. The far right is largely ignored at the moment but some of the current rhetoric in certain sections of the media is very worrying.
I really do not like the current rhetoric on asylum seekers and have lost count of the numbers of people in the last few weeks who have come out with statements such as "I would get more money/ a house/ have an NHS dentist if I was an asylum seeker". None of it is true but a lot of people seem to have missed the fact that there is a European dimension to this problem because I do feel that the Eu could act as a whole and insist that the place of first contact within the EU was the country which would have to deal with the asylum seeker but those who shout loudest about the problem are often the ones who are most anti Europe so it is hardly surprising that they do not want to look in that direction to find a solution.