Friday, February 25, 2005


It has been noticed by some that I have recently pressed the button that stops allowing comments. I am in bit of a dilemma over this and I will explain why. Recently a lot more people have been reading this blog (as we mentioned it in a recent leaflet it is probably not surprising). Sceptics please note that many places I go someone now mentions "Romsey redhead" but the stats also show an increase in hits on the blog. People have been coming up to me and commenting that they enjoy reading what I have to say but get frustrated by the comments (some people I know to be Lib Dem loyalists but a lot are pretty apolitical). I do not want to censor so I am currently looking at ways that people can comment as long as they are not anonymous. Apparently Iain Dale has just done this on the Politico 2005 web site. This synergy worries me a little but as we approach the election it is abundantly clear that a lot of mischief is being made. In the mean time people are still more than welcome to e-mail me.